Brad GiffordGreetings to the wonderful world of the Texas Association of Student Special Services Programs (TASSSP) website!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our wonderful association and our resources. TASSSP is excited to have you visit our website and to be able to show you how we can support and provide opportunities for you to help in the challenges we face to provide educational opportunities and access for low income, first generation, veterans and disabled student populations in our great State of Texas.

TASSSP is a proud and prominent regional member of the Southwest Association of Student Assistance Program (SWASAP). We are also dedicated supporters of our national champion, the Council for Opportunity in Education (COE). We have consistently maintained a strong leadership presence and political voice for the programs and students we serve.

This site is designed to provide quality resources, to promote our great association and the programs and students we serve. The site also allows us to maintain a history of our association's activities and leaders. I hope that this site gives prospective partners and others who wish to discover TASSSP's useful and beneficial insight of the great work we as TRIO professionals do on a daily basis to provide educational opportunities for underrepresented youth and adults. Please make sure that you share your exciting and unique activities with our Zone Representatives, other TASSSP officers, or the website coordinator so we can use our website to its fullest potential.

It is my hope this next year to have the state more connected through a variety of activities and opportunities. We have been challenged by our SWASAP President to focus on developing a State Initiative Plan that will connect our members with the opportunity to learn how to advocate on behalf of the communities, programs and students we serve.

It is a great honor and privilege to be able to serve our association as President. We as members need to continually look for ways to stay effective and engaged with our association while looking for opportunities that will be beneficial for our communities, programs and students we serve. I encourage you to contact me or any officer with suggestions for growth as well as with questions or concerns about how the association is providing resources and training opportunities for our membership. If you are not yet a member, unite with us in our effort to continue in the fight for educational opportunities and access for low-income, first generation, veterans and disabled students. I, along with the rest of the board and association membership, am counting on your support and feedback to keep TASSSP strong!


Brad Gifford
TASSSP President


TASSSP Membership Renewal Application will be available online on September 1, 2015

43rd Annual TASSSP Conference, Galveston, TX February 28, 2016- March 2, 2016
Click here to register(Please refer to the conference registration link for registration pricing and deadlines.)

Policy Seminar 2016 March 5-9, 2016. Early Bird Registration ends December 18, 2015. There are TASSSP Policy Stipends Available.

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