I would like to welcome you to the Texas Association of Student Special Services Programs (TASSSP) website. TASSSP is an opportunity for TRiO Professionals to share their expertise, leadership skills, and abilities to demonstrate the importance of obtaining a higher education for low income, first generation, veterans and disabled student populations in our wonderful state of Texas. TASSSP can provide and develop an array of resources by connecting with each of our members and programs within the state.

TASSSP will continue to maintain a strong political voice and exhibit a strong presence within our nation to advocate for the programs and students we serve. We are proud to be a member of the Southwest Association of Student Assistance Program (SWASAP) and a key supporter of our national advocate, the Council for Opportunity in Education (COE). We work diligently together to make others aware of how we can increase resources for our students and those that work with our students. It is very important that we maintain a strong communication model in order to enhance the opportunities that are offered.

This site is designed to provide beneficial resources, national updates, regional opportunities, and to promote the excellent work that is being done with our students in the state of Texas. We are working to increase the number of professional developmental and leadership opportunities for our membership. We are also working to increase the number and quality of leadership and educational opportunities for those underrepresented students that we serve. This site will show the numerous ways that we can be involved in the movement we know as TRiO.

It is my honor to have an opportunity to serve as President of TASSSP over the course of this year. It is my hope that we can continue to work toward giving our professionals the professional development opportunities necessary for them to successfully implement their programs, to provide leadership opportunities for both professionals and students, and to increase the number of resources available to TRiO Programs across the state.

I encourage you to contact me or any of the board members with suggestions on how we can grow or work toward meeting the mission of TASSSP. If you are interested in serving in any leadership capacity, please feel free to contact me. I encourage you to share your experience and to help us maintain a strong commitment to those we serve.

If you are not a member, I hope that you will consider learning more about the network that exist in the state of Texas. TASSSP can benefit the positive changes that we are working toward making for TRiO Programs. The TASSSP board, association, and I are looking forward to working with you in the near future. TRiO works! As a team, we can demonstrate how we are working with our students to make a positive change in our state, region, and nation.

Priselda P. Perez
TASSSP President





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