Friday, September 14, 2012 06:47 PM


TASSSP Membership


Dear Texas TRIO Personnel:


The purpose of this correspondence is to introduce the TASSSP (Texas Association of Student Special Services Programs) to you as a fellow Texas TRIO professional. As President of TASSSP, it is my pleasure to have the opportunity to serve TASSSP and its members.

This is a call for membership. One does not have to attend the TASSSP conference to be a member of TASSSP. One just has to pay the membership fee ($40.00) and register on the membership database. TASSSP Membership renews September 1st-August 31st. This affords you the opportunity to network with professionals with a common goal, discuss differences and similarities, share programming ideology, provide training for new staff, and to serve and assist in making TASSSP a strong and visible association. It is advantageous for all staff to be a member of our professional TRIO organization for the state of Texas.

As many of you know, TASSSP has worked over 40 years to ensure our TRIO projects are able to continue to provide educational opportunity and access to low-income, first generation, veterans and disabled students. Together we can continue that tradition and ensure TRIO in Texas will remain vibrant and strong. This is your association become a member and become active!


TASSSP President

Priselda Perez



For more information about TASSSP membership, contact our TASSSP Secretary:   Shymika Stephenson

Click here for Membership Application.






All payments need to be remitted to the TASSSP Treasurer:


Counselor/Bridge Coordinator
TRIO Pre-College Programs
University of Texas at Arlington
P.O. Box 19356
Arlington, TX 76019
817-272-2633 office