Vision Statement:

The Texas Association of Student Special Services Program seeks to support, create, develop, improve and extend educational, financial and cultural opportunities for every TRIO participant to develop to his/her full potential.


Mission Statement:

The Texas Association of Student Special Service Program (TASSSP) is the representative body for TRIO professionals from colleges, universities and agencies that host federally-funded TRIO educational opportunity programs in the state of Texas. TASSSP is dedicated to advocating for the TRIO movement by creating opportunities for TRIO professionals and participants with professional development and support.

The mission is accomplished through the following: implementing educational training and outreach initiatives, developing state resources, empowering state leadership and involvement in political issues that impact TRIO programs, providing scholarship opportunities, optimizing opportunities to reinforce and increase proficiency in technology, and increasing effective communication and brand recognition that furthers public awareness of the needs of disadvantaged students enrolled in or aspiring to post-secondary education.