Thursday, September 13, 2012 08:16 PM


North and South Zones


The purpose is to strengthen the TRIO community on a local level providing collaborative programming, training, scholarship opportunities and serve as a legislative liaison to TASSSP.


Zone and Area Alliance responsibilities are as follows:

•    Participate in quarterly meetings. (communications sent via newsletters, email, etc.)
•    Recruit TRIO professionals to become TASSSP members. (TASSSP membership drive)
•    Provide professional development training to local area TRIO professionals.
•    Meet with state legislatures and U.S. congressional representatives.
•    Provide TRIO Day Activities. (in the absence of a TASSSP sponsored TRIO DAY state activity)
•    Submit an annual report of activities to TASSSP Board through zone representatives during the annual TASSSP conference.



Don't know what zone you belong to?  Below are listed the institutions of each zone, you can get further information about your area alliance from your zone representative.





North Zone Representative:


Tony Hall


Director of Student Support Services


Mountain View College


(214) 860-8589 office



North Zone


South Zone Representative:


Alfred Bacon


Director of Student Support Services


Lone Star College


(281) 618-1143 office




South Zone