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Student Scholarships




Walter O. Mason Scholarship



Walter O. Mason scholarship was established to recognize the role Walter O. Mason played in educational opportunity and the development of TRIO Programs. 
The South West Association of Student Support Services Programs (SWASAP) Scholarship Committee establishes the primary criteria for selection, the application form and deadlines.  The TASSSP Scholarship Committee shall forward the information of one Texas TRIO recipient to the SWASAP Scholarship Committee by the appointed time.  The amount of the scholarship is also subject to change based upon the availability of funds.


Matthew W. Taylor Scholarship:



Named in 1991 in honor of a man who has given guidance and friendship to the TRIO community in Texas as well as to TRIO Programs nationwide.  This scholarship is awarded annually to one application from each of the TRIO Programs (EOC, McNair, TS, SSS, UB and UBMS)     The scholarship award is up to $1000.00 per school year. This amount is subject to change based upon availability of funds and the number of awards.



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All scholarships and awards are based upon the availability of funding including the Matthew W. Taylor and Walter O. Mason Scholarships, which have independent funds.  The committee chair shall solicit members representing each of the TRIO Programs –EOC, McNair, TS, SSS, VUB, UBMS, and UB.  The committee shall develop and publish the nomination forms, review and publish the criteria, and make the selections or in some cases make recommendations to the Board who then make the final decision.