Wednesday, September 26, 2012 09:29 PM


Emerging Leaders Institute


Calling all TASSSPians!

In an effort to continue to provide strong leadership development resources for TASSSP membership, the TASSSP board would like to provide the names of two TASSSP members who will serve as the applicants for the 2015 Southwest Association of Student Assistance Programs Emerging Leaders Institute. 


2015 SWASAP ELI Training Dates and Site

  • SWASAP ELI Training, February 2015, Dallas, TX
  • SWASAP ELI Training, May 2015, Dallas, TX
  • SWASAP ELI Training, August 2015, Dallas, TX
  • SWASAP Fall Conference, November, 2015 Albuquerque,  NM

Please contact Brad Gifford, TASSSP President,  if you are interested in representing TASSSP as being our SWASAP ELI participants.


Objective 1: Each year, up to 10 applicants (two from each state association) will be identified and selected to participate in the Emerging Leaders Institute.

Outcome:  Up to 10 applicants will be identified to participate as trainees in the Emerging Leaders Institute.

Activities                                                        Time Frame                            Person Responsible             
1.1         Each state association                   
may submit a maximum                          
of three individuals to                                   Sept. 25th  annually                    State Association
participate in the ELI.
1.2         Each applicant will
complete an ELI nomination                            Oct. 10th annually                       ELI Applicant
form and an ELI application.
1.3         ELI Ad Hoc Committee
will evaluate the participants’
application to determine if the                         Oct. 15th annually                       ELI Committee
member is in good standings
with the state and regional
associations as well as her/his
home institution.

1.4         ELI Ad Hoc Committee
will notify SWASAP officers
and state association                                    Oct. 20th annually                       ELI Committee   
presidents of the applicant
1.5         Notify applicant by letter
to inform her/him of the                                  Nov. 1st annually                       ELI Trainer(s)     
ELI Ad Hoc Committee’s
evaluation of the application.




Click Here for the SWASAP ELI application.